This website enables Blackburn with Darwen Council employees and staff from our local authority partners to self-register and access a variety of e-learning courses.


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Number of courses: 121
Course name Duration Type Options
Infection and Prevention Awareness for Front Line Staff 02 hours Online
Welcome to the Council e-Learning 01 hours Online
Critical Incident Response and PTSD 01 hours Online
Prevent COVID-19 30 minutes Online
Loggist Online Training 30 minutes Online
MyView Online Courses 01 hours Online
Civil Contingencies for Elected Members 45 minutes Online
DOJO Cyber Security Awareness 2020-21 01 hours 15 minutes Online
Responsible for Information - IAO NA Online
Responsible for Information - SIRO NA Online
Education Health and Care Plan 30 minutes Online
We need to talk about suicide 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Information Governance for Elected Members 45 minutes Online
NEW BwD Information Governance Training 45 minutes Online
Schools GDPR 45 minutes Online
Care Act - Introduction and Overview 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Care Act - Care and Support Planning 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Sexual Abuse and an Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation 01 hours Online
Safeguarding Children - Levels 1 and 2 02 hours 30 minutes Online
Mental Capacity Act 02 hours Online
Domestic Abuse 01 hours 30 minutes Online
09.Care Certificate_Standard 9 - Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability (Awareness) 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) 01 hours Online
Diabetes Awareness 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Effective Communication with Children and Families 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Emotional Abuse 30 minutes Online
Online Safety - Risks to Children 30 minutes Online
08.Care Certificate_Standard 8 - Fluids and Nutrition 45 minutes Online
Freedom of Information Act 2000 30 minutes Online
13.Care Certificate_Standard 13 - Health and Safety 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Honour-Based Violence and Forced Marriage 02 hours 30 minutes Online
Understanding Child Development 30 minutes Online
15.Care Certificate_Standard 15 - Infection, Prevention and Control 45 minutes Online
Cyber Security and Protecting Information 30 minutes Online
Information Sharing and Consent - for People Working with Children 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Managing Conflict 30 minutes Online
Medication Awareness and Safe Handling of Medicines 30 minutes Online
Palliative Care and End of Life Care 01 hours Online
07.Care Certificate_Standard 7 - Privacy and Dignity 30 minutes Online
Reablement 01 hours Online
Safeguarding Against Radicalisation - The Prevent Duty 01 hours Online
Safeguarding Children with Disabilities 30 minutes Online
Solving Problems: Definition to Options 1 hours Online
Substance Misuse 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Time Management NA Online
05.Care Certificate_Standard 5 - Work in a Person Centred Way 45 minutes Online
First Aid 02 hours 15 minutes Online
Teenage Pregnancy 45 minutes Online
Eating Disorders 01 hours Online
Safeguarding Adults - Level 2 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Safeguarding Children and Adults Awareness 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Epilepsy Awareness 30 minutes Online
Dementia Awareness 01 hours Online
Hate Crime 45 minutes Online
01.Care Certificate_Standard 1 - Understand your Role 30 minutes Online
02.Care Certificate_Standard 2 - Your Personal Development 15 minutes Online
03.Care Certificate_Standard 3 - Duty of Care 45 minutes Online
04.Care Certificate_Standard 4 - Equality and Diversity 30 minutes Online
06.Care Certificate_Standard 6 - Communication 45 minutes Online
10.Care Certificate_Standard 10 - Safeguarding Adults (Awareness) 01 hours 45 minutes Online
11.Care Certificate_Standard 11 - Safeguarding Children (Awareness) 1 hours Online
12.Care Certificate_Standard 12 - Basic Life Support 1 hours Online
14.Care Certificate_Standard 14 - Handling Information 15 minutes Online
Lone Working 30 minutes Online
Hidden Harm: Parental Substance Misuse, Parental Mental Ill-Health and Domestic Abuse 2 hours Online
Fire Safety Awareness 1 hours Online
Safeguarding Children in Sport 30 minutes Online
Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 02 hours 45 minutes Online
Parkinson's Disease Awareness 01 hours Online
Falls and Fracture Prevention in the Elderly 1 hours Online
Stroke Awareness 01 hours Online
Loss and Bereavement 1 hours Online
Safer Recruitment 02 hours Online
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) 45 minutes Online
Food Safety and Hygiene Essentials 15 minutes Online
Manual Handling 01 hours 15 minutes Online
Neglect 30 minutes Online
Health and Safety in the Workplace 02 hours Online
Risk Assessment in the Workplace 30 minutes Online
ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) Awareness NA Online
Understanding Behaviour of Children and Young People 02 hours 30 minutes Online
Domestic Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence 30 minutes Online
Working with Display Screen Equipment 30 minutes Online
GDPR Refresher 01 hours Online
Environmental Awareness 30 minutes Online
People Skills 30 minutes Online
Managing Teams 30 minutes Online
Stress in the Workplace 30 minutes Online
Equality and Diversity 01 hours Online
Customer Service 30 minutes Online
Fraud Awareness 30 minutes Online
Autism Awareness 01 hours Online
Handling Violence and Aggression at Work 30 minutes Online
Legionella and Legionnaires' Disease Awareness 30 minutes Online
Working at Height 30 minutes Online
Suicide Prevention – Risks and Awareness 45 minutes Online
DriveAware 30 minutes Online
Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery 01 hours 30 minutes Online
Moving and Positioning of Individuals 45 minutes Online
Asbestos Awareness 30 minutes Online
Self-Esteem and Assertiveness 01 hours Online
Setting Objectives 15 minutes Online
Making Objectives Happen 15 minutes Online
Thriving in Change 15 minutes Online
Working In Teams 15 minutes Online
Collaborative Working 15 minutes Online
Managing Change 30 minutes Online
Effective Time Management 30 minutes Online
Delegation Skills 30 minutes Online
Disability Awareness 02 hours Online
Age Discrimination 15 minutes Online
Tackling difficult conversations 15 minutes Online
Introduction to Project Management NA Online
Driver Safety NA Online
Financial Management and Budgeting 45 minutes Online
LGBT Awareness 45 minutes Online
Safeguarding Adults - Level 1 2 hours Online
An Introduction to Managing Health and Safety 30 minutes Online
Aphasia 30 minutes Online
Children's Workforce Induction 12 hours 15 minutes Enhanced
Workplace Wellbeing 01 hours 15 minutes Online